Sea-Lice and Juvenile Salmon Program

Salmon Coast has been monitoring the relationship between sea-lice, wild juvenile salmon and salmon farms for over 20 years. It represents the longest continuous data-set in the world related to sea-lice levels on juvenile salmon near salmon farms, and has inspired other sea-lice monitoring programs on the BC coast. Over the years, findings from this study have been published in various peer-reviewed journals and have contributed to improved parasite management on farms. Ongoing monitoring has proven extremely valuable for capturing the efficacy of treatment protocols over time in the context of environmental change.

In alignment with our commitment to open data, the full data-set is available online.


Associated Publications:

Sea Lice Report 2023
Sea Lice Report 2022
Sea Lice Report 2021
Sea Lice Report 2020
Sea Lice Report 2019
Sea Lice Report 2018
Sea Lice Report 2017
Sea Lice Report 2016

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