Salmon Coast projects range from sea lice to marine mammals. The core of our research is focused on conserving and protecting the ecological integrity of coastal British Columbia. 

Salmon Coast pursues in-house research and environmental monitoring that contribute to local conservation and restoration efforts. Salmon Coast initiates these activities based on community interest, knowledge gaps, and available resources. Our focus is to study and monitor issues that are important to local conservation and community development priorities, which are not being pursued by other research and monitoring bodies. It is here where the small scale of our initiatives can create long-term impacts. The research conducted here is world-class, which is amazing given the modesty of our facilities. Work here has been featured in over 75 scientific publications, and has received widespread media attention.

Sea lice monitoring and salmon genetics remain our primary monitoring programs. Our entire sea lice monitoring data-set has been made publicly available. Salmon Coast’s commitment to open data is greatly beneficial for researchers in other parts of the world affected by salmon farms. Salmon Coast increasingly supports a variety of other projects, from marine mammals to mathematical models! Check out this page to learn more about Salmon Coast’s current research.