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Fish in troubled waters

Salmon Coast researchers Stephanie Peacock, Mark Lewis, and Martin Krkošek recently contributed this article to the magazine International Innovation.  It serves to make scientific research more accessible to the public, an important Salmon Coast mandate.

intl innovationAccording to researchers at the University of Alberta and University of Toronto, small management changes on salmon farms can have big benefits for the wild salmon population of Pacific Canada

Over a decade ago, fishermen and biologists in the Broughton Archipelago, in British Columbia, Canada, noticed sea louse parasites (Lepeophtherius salmonis) appearing in large numbers on migrating juvenile pink and chum salmon. This observation motivated researchers to investigate the potential link between these parasites on wild salmon and the burgeoning salmon farming industry. Could sea lice transmit between farmed and wild salmon? If so, what were the implications for the survival of wild salmon populations.

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