Interested in bringing a project to Salmon Coast? Although sea lice and wild salmon remain our focus, we increasingly support a range of conservation and community-focused projects.

Salmon Coast welcomes research applications on any topic. We are especially interested in supporting projects regarding regional management issues that help protect the local ecological and social communities within the Broughton Archipelago and throughout coastal BC.

Application guidelines can be found below. Contact for more information.

Research Application Process

If you are interested in applying, please follow the steps below:

  1.  Read through our website for background information about Salmon Coast.  Website sections of special interest include Facilities, and FAQs.  Contact if you have further questions.

2.  Complete a Research Application Form (PDF or Word.docx)and submit it via email or mail for review. Please budget at least 6 weeks for this process.

3.  Once your application is approved, complete a Liability Waiver and Emergency Information Form for each team member. Return these at least two weeks before arrival.

4.  When you arrive, you will be required to sign a user agreement form stating that you have read and agree to the policies outlined in our User Handbook.


 We look forward to hearing from you!