Field Station Needs

As an off-grid, boat-in, hillside field station, Salmon Coast is always on the hunt for good gear and equipment. Anyone who visits the station knows that we’re big fans of creative, low-cost solutions! Whether it’s repurposing old water barrels or extending the life of old tools, we do whatever we can to ensure our facility remains accessible, safe, and effective for young researchers and conservationists.



The dock needs reinforcement and upgrades: we seek lumber, fixtures, and floatation.

Camera and zoom lens

We don’t have a decent camera for marine mammal ID. Our coordinators have a Nikon and Panasonic cameras for station tasks, if anyone has any extra compatible lens for free/cheap.
Waterproof paper and logbooks

Letter-size waterproof paper is used for sea licing and we always need more. Waterproof logbooks are required for the boat and fuel, etc.



Life jackets and survival/floater suitsOur life jackets are wearing out through years of heavy use, so it is time to slowly start replacing them. Securing 2-3 floater suits will help us with winter field work.
Printer / scanner / copierOur very old printer/scanner has out of date install drivers and does not work with most computers. We would love to have a colour printer as well so we can print more engaging education materials
Composting toiletsNeed to build 1-2 outhouses for station usage in busy season
Pressure cannerOur current canner is a longterm loan – we’d love to return it to its generous (and patient!) owners
Wood stoves Need 2-3 new wood stoves over the next few years 


Hip waders / rain gear / gum boots (new, lightly used)For use by short-term volunteers/youth groups
Motion detecting lightingFor cold room, dock, pathways and stairs
Solar powered lighting for trailsFor walking between buildings at night
Wildlife camsTo monitor large wildlife’s movement on the property, for both safety and study
Scientific equipmentExamples include: secchi disk, salinity refractometer, dissecting scope, microscope, aquariums
HydrophoneFor marine mammal monitoring program

Station needs are constantly changing, so please contact us if you have something to offer that’s not on our list.