Salmon Coast researchers provide independent information for the Broughton Archipelago and surrounding areas.  Even if you haven’t heard of us, you might know about our work and the impact it has had.

Because of the ground-breaking field research conducted at Salmon Coast in the 2000’s, the salmon aquaculture industry adopted control measures, and sea louse-induced declines in wild pink and coho salmon populations were reversed.

Since the Station’s inception, over fifty papers stemming from research at Salmon Coast have been published in prestigious scientific journals. View our Selected Publications page to see some of our top papers.

Salmon Coast research and publications often attract media attention. Check out our Media page for some recent articles and videos about our research.

One of our most important impacts is educating volunteers, students, and the public about our research and the ecosystem we are working to conserve.  Read more about our Education Program.

Sustainable Solutions

In addition to our conservation research, Salmon Coast strives to set an example for sustainable living by using off-grid alternative energy systems, demonstrating local food production and collection, encouraging use of non-motorized vessels, and minimizing waste.