As part of local and academic communities, we understand the importance of local knowledge, interdisciplinary research, and communication as essential to creating innovative research. As Salmon Coast scholars develop their own research we connect researchers with local knowledge holders and resources.  Although sea lice and wild salmon remain our focus, we increasingly support research in a broad range of topics including salmon and salmon-virus genetics, marine mammal identification and monitoring, oceanographic monitoring, boat-noise effects on fish, and ecological modelling.

Salmon Coast helps gather essential scientific building blocks to inform management of coastal ecosystems. Researchers are encouraged to bring relevant results to the attention of policy-makers and to make research publicly available. Since the station’s inception, over fifty papers have been published in prestigious scientific journals. While remaining an independent research facility, we host researchers from the Universities of Victoria, Alberta, and Toronto and Simon Fraser University, among others, and we collaborate with organizations including the Hakai Institute, Watershed Watch Salmon Society, Ocean’s Initiative, Marine Education and Research Society, Canadian Sablefish Association, Pacific Salmon Foundation, Mainland Enhancement of Salmonid Species Society, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.