Transition Time at Salmon Coast

Dear Salmon Coast Friends,

Life in the Broughton continues to be a fast-paced delight. It feels like yesterday when the first spring researchers arrived, but we’ve already finished field work on sea lice monitoring and other projects are beginning to wrap up. We’re still going strong with education groups, salmon population analysis, and community projects, and we’re about to gear up for fall spawner enumeration and bear monitoring activities, but it’s also a time for reflection.

To that end, Chris and I have some bittersweet news: we have decided to move on from our roles as Station Co-Coordinators at Salmon Coast. It has been a joy to spend time in Echo Bay, support our inspiring research community and contribute to salmon conservation.

We’re committed to supporting Salmon Coast through this transition. We have a dedicated and engaged board and a fantastic crew of researchers, volunteers and summer staff. Chris and I will physically sail away in September, but we’ll still stay very much involved, both professionally and spiritually.

Now, we are asking our community of supporters to help us find our next Station Coordinator. You can check out the posting here.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming the Station Coordinator, please be in touch! It’s an invigorating and dynamic role that can be held by one or more individuals. It’s something new every day, working with a great team in an incomparable location.

We’re also seeking some short-term coverage caretaking the station over the fall and winter. If you are interested in this role, please also be in touch.


Heather & Chris